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Spammers and lawyers

What you can find here.

You'll find at the left some links to my webpages in (sort-of) English with references to some of my lectures (all of them in Dutch), some publications, some notices for spammers and lawyers, some links with relevance for me etc.

An addition are some publications of Herbert Blankesteijn, which should not be read by humor-impaired people.

Last a photo from Fred of about 45 KB for identification.

Publications of Herbert Blankesteijn.

Sometimes Herbert Blankesteijn <h.blankesteijn@hccnet.nl> a journalist living in Houten, the Netherlands with technical publications for radio, tv, journals and magazines, makes a -mostly funny- story available. On Peters website, a server with fast Internet connection, you can find them. Here they can be found at : These stories are all related to the way a twice sentenced monopolist of desktop (would-be) operating systems (like Windows) thinks to do business.
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