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Legal notices.

Subject : spammers and the entertainment industry.

You'll not be interested but I have strong feelings against spammers and the entertainment industry. Often they let lawyers send nasty letters. For your information, this website is hosted in the Netherlands, a souvereign country with her own laws and legal system. I am born as citizen of this country and thus subject to her laws. I am not subjected to laws of any other country.

In case you want to send me a letter with a legal meaning to you, you better send me a letter written in Dutch and with only references to Dutch law and by normal mail as electronic mail has not a legal status in this country. Letters which don't comply with these rules are directed to /dev/null. If you're unsure what that means seek technical advice elsewhere.

Usage of phone numbers or e-mail addresses found on this website or related to the domains and are expressly forbidden for senders of unsollicited mass mailings, telemarketing or anything else that the marketing and PR folks will invent. And let nobody try to fool me by saying that I have shown interest in a certain subject and thus I have to accept a message. I will not and I will complain to the ISP. Spam messages might also be published on my websites as proof of the fact of spamming. The fact of sending spam to me results in the acceptance of the eventually publication.

Notice that I do not deny spammers their freedom of speach. At least, as long as I am not forced to listen or to let their messages enter my networks.

Added 2003-10-24.
Also other branches of companies do I dislike strongly, like companies which install spyware or dial-in programs on users computers without their consent. In case spyware companies prefer the term adware, like Gator (nowadays called CLARIA), they have a problem because I just express my opinion on their software. And nobody would think that such companies would deny my freedom of speech, would you ?

Detail from 'Horae, gebeden, Passie ons liefs Heeren metten uren ghedeilt', Flanders, 1475

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